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So, you have made a big decision. You have purchased an investment property with your well earned income and savings and now it’s time to make it pay. You may have bought your apartment to earn extra income or solely for yourself and family. Whatever the reason, if the property is to pay for itself you will want to find the best possible tenant and to do that, you want to make it stand out as the best long term rental in Bansko.

Let us consider some of the basic aspects of what your expectations are for finding the best possible tenants, what good tenants are looking for and what makes your apartment shine amongst the many on the market.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person you would like to rent your apartment, the property you have bought is top class and then you furnish it with second class furniture, you cannot expect to attract a top class tenant. You personally would be looking for a lounge suite where you can curl up and watch the television, so why expect someone to sit straight backed on holiday type furniture.

In order to get good rental you need to have the wow factor, if you would like to live in it so will others. There are good quality people out there looking for rental but they require a very high standard of accommodation.

get the right balance

Please read the following in common sense on steps to take to rent your property.
  1. If your apartment is finished does the development look like a building site, consider your timing and be realistic with your price for the first year of renting.
  2. Look at your apartment as if you are going to rent it yourself, do you have a shower rail around your bath, the finishing touches, a pretty candle, pictures on the wall, anything to catch the eye. Ladies appreciate the visual aspect as much as the cleanliness.
  3. Check that all the utilities and facilities are working properly nobody wants a cold swimming pool ! It is essential that the water pressure is adequate.
  4. If you expect your tenants to look after your apartment, provide them with coasters to prevent marks on tables, make sure your tables have a glass top on to prevent those nasty scratches.
  5. A good quality bed and mattress can make the difference after a long day on the slopes the last thing you need is a lumpy mattress.
  6. If you have a balcony make sure that you put out a table and chairs, this can be used both in the winter and summer season.
  7. Buy furniture and utensils that are durable. Tenants treat better quality items with care and respect. You will not have to replace them so often and they can stand more wear and tear. Do not leave anything in the property that you treasure and would be upset to lose. Accidents do happen and you want your tenants to feel it is their own home for the term of their tenancy rather than them intruding into yours. An inventory is recommended for everyone to check and sign at the outset of the tenancy.
  8. Information Book and Visitors Book. Make up an information pack, include telephone numbers of your property management company, doctor, dentist, taxi etc anything that may be of use. Visitors book, for clients to add their comments, you may learn something useful.

None of this needs to break the bank and your investment will pay for itself time and again by not sitting empty for months, creating for you the best rent possible and finding tenants that are not only happy to pay for quality but who will look after your property for you as if it were their own home.

Advertising is the backbone of successfully marketing your property. In our current climate of computer surfing, the internet is the ideal place to advertise. With a large number of Bulgaria based and potential Expats using the internet search tools every day, choosing a company with well proven visitor rate enables you to reach a wider market, worldwide in fact.

In order to get the most from your advertising you’ll need to have good clear information on the property and location, great photos and a sensible, realistic price in mind. Talk to your agents and make sure you feel comfortable that they have your interests in mind. Following the above advice will assist you to rent your property quickly and to the type of tenants that will respect your property as they would their own.